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IT is often said that the vibration of music can enhance our lives immeasurably.

I totally agree but the lyrics of a song can also play a huge part. To this effect I want to draw your attention to the lyrics of a song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1968.

The message of this song is so simple — It goes

A little less conversation – A little more action‘.

Please allow me to be a little bit pedantic for a moment.

The lyrics of the song tell us what not to do and then tell us what to do.

A: What not to do —Talk

B: What to do — Take action

It makes things very simple and that’s what I like about it, it’s simplicity.

I love when someone comes to me with a problem, but also with a suggested solution, because it means that they are not just coming with problems (which anyone can do!!), but that they have put some thought into it and are genuinely being helpful in finding a way out.

So we have

A. A problem

B. A solution

So Elvis’ message going back to the lyrics is very simple; There is too much talk happening and really not enough action. Problem/Solution!

How many times have we come across this in life?

There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians!

Talk is cheap!

That in my opinion is why the JDI – Just Do It – slogan by Nike is so successful.

In a nutshell what JDI is saying; It time to stop talking and thinking about something and it now time to Do It (Take Action)

This can be very helpful advice especially when we are trying to break old bad habits or learning a new technique or hobby.

Cut out the talk, Implement a well-structured plan, and Just Do It.

The success of this then depends on how much so you want to do it?

A recognition and acceptance that there may be little failures along the way that need to be dealt with.

• Next week I am going to write about  ‘The Way Of The Cross’

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