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THERE is something special and exciting about writing on a subject that is very topical to the moment.

It’s as if the universe has somehow decided that now is the time to write this article. Well the whole talk in Ireland at the moment is all about storms. We have just experienced storm Ciara and as I write I can hear storm Dennis beginning to rage outside.

I am very aware of the devastation, rampant damage, unrelenting fear and resultant pain that a severe storm can inflict upon us.

All you have to do is open the newspapers and listen to the news. It can also result in the closure of many businesses and incur huge financial hardship. A picture of utter chaos.

In this chaos the last thing we would expect to find is any connection with peace and calm. Yet we are told if one can get to the eye of a storm, that is exactly what the weather experts will tell you exists.

In the eye of a storm you will amazingly  find peace and calm and a position where you can somehow observe the chaos of the storm that is going on around.

In America where there are storms of a much more serious magnitude there are professional storm-chasers who know exactly how close they can go without getting sucked in. They can watch the storm from an observatory of peace and calm.

The wisdom is to know that the place of peace is there and the skill is knowing how to get there. This image of the storm I have created above can be used as a great simile for life.

In life we often experience our own chaos and our own storms when nothing appears to be going right.

How comforting is it to know that there is a particular place within where we can truly access inner peace and just like the storm experts we can observe the devastating turmoil going on around us.

Jesus tells us that there is such a place when He tells us to look within and not outside for peace and happiness especially in times of trouble.

Jesus also tells us to ‘Be still and know that I Am God’ and that here we will get the resultant comfort and guidance.

So just like the storm Jesus informs us that in times of turmoil.

a) There is a place of peace within and

b) How to get there

How comforting is that I ask you?

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