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THERE is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times.

If normality was in place, we would now be preparing earnestly for next Tuesday’s St Patrick’s days celebrations, but now all of the talk is of the Covid-19 virus and all of its implications.

Unprecedented for this generation at least, which is another name for new territory. When mankind experiences new territory it brings with it all the fears that go along with it.

This fear is natural if only the fear of the unknown. So as I write this, I can totally understand the natural worries and fears that exist at the moment, but the purpose of this article is to share the realisation that we need calmness more than ever at this moment and to listen and apply the guidelines that we are given as a society.

The problem with excess fear and worry and resulting increase in stress levels is that they bring nothing to the table and in fact can cause people to become ill. Now have no doubt that our health systems are stretched to the limit  at the moment so therefore the more we can help them as groups and individuals the better.

The subject of this article is ‘calm’ which I believe is what we need more than ever right now. It is the complete antidote to worry so as such is good for our bodies and our resultant health.

It also has a unique and hidden benefit. When we are calm it increases the resulting calming chemicals in our bodies which in turn increase out creativity.

What the world needs more than ever right now is calmness. Calm strategies to allow us to re-evaluate the virus as an on-going living concern, which in turn  will allow for the space to come up with the best creative solutions.

Yes the solutions are out there, but it is a fact that our minds work in a much more creative way when we are calm. We need that creativity now more than ever.

I wrote above about strategies (tools) for calmness. There are many, like spending quality time with family and friends (virus aware!!) or doing ones favourite hobby or reading.

However one of the best in times of difficulty is learning and practicing meditation as it can really help alleviate stress in difficult times.

It is the advice of many of the gurus down through the centuries be it Ghandi, The Buddha, Eckhart Tolle , Deepak Chopra, Jon Kabat Zinn etc etc.

It is the same ultimate and simple advice of Jesus Christ when He said ‘Be Still and know that I Am God’

So Calm is Cool.

Ní neart go cur le chéile.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Stunning toilet paper feeding frenzy caught on camera:

    CCTV footage has captured the moment toilet paper-hungry Australians caused unrest at an Aldi store where a crowd of shoppers can be seen rushing down an aisle to claim the scarce commodity before it was all taken.

    Australians? Look like Multiculturalism to me.