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IT was a Greek philosopher called Heraclitus who lived around 500 BC who came up with the statement “The only constant is change”.

It goes without saying that he didn’t say it in those exact words as he spoke in some sort of Greek/Turkish language but it had exactly the same meaning. (The gist was the same!)

Now if the only constant is change then it makes sense that we had better be as prepared as we can for it. A good question here is ‘But sure how can we prepare for change’?

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Well to start with, we have to become aware of the fact that change is inevitable and we have to fully agree with that.

As always another good place to look for advice is to look to nature. Nature surely has some advice to give us.

The seasons for instance remind us that our world is in a constant state of flux. Summer will change to autumn which will change to winter which will change to spring, and round and round the cycle changes.

We get the appropriate changes in temperature which result in the growth and death and rebirth of plant life.

It is now causing great consternation in our would that even the above seasonal changes are changing due to reckless behaviour of mankind towards our  planet and the inevitable effects of global warming.

Danny Healy Rae and company might disagree with the above statement but by the time he comes to agree it will be too late.

The business world also recognises that change is inevitable. On a far more serious level what is changing even quicker is the speed of change.

The population of the world around the turn of 1800’s was 1 Billion people. As I write I just ‘googled it’ and the current population has now reached over 7.5 Billion people.

These facts, if anything, demonstrate the speed of change that is happening. It took from the beginning of mankind up to 1800 to reach 1 Billion and in the last 200 years it has reached 7.5 Billion. You see what I mean,  like it or not these are facts.

I recently heard an executive from RTE being interviewed and she was being chastised for not having a definite plan for the future of RTE.

I thought her reply was brilliant. She said that for instance if I put a five year steadfast plan in place for RTE the only thing that I can almost certainly guarantee you is, that that plan will be obsolete in five years from now.

What she ultimately was saying was that any plan from now on has to allow and factor in for change.

Why? Because the only constant is Change!!

• Next week I am going to write about ‘It’s All About Reaction’.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    But, the world is entering into a period of population decline and the climate on this planet has always been in a constant state of change. Human impact on climate is nothing compared to past volcanic events or sun events alone. The planet has been both hotter and colder with far higher levels of C02 in the past as this aids the growth of plant life on Earth.
    The western liber left are the new know it all’s!
    Your argument is common sense about change being constant.
    However, your politics makes no sense.

    P.S. RTE should be made private and the tax on the citizen should be stopped. Let them exist in the real world and see how long they last for. Again common sense.

  2. Another Greek thought:

    Question: There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. Who are the two sisters?