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IF we are looking for improved results in any aspect of our lives there is one common denominator – it has to involve one thing — Change.

The reason for this is as follows. A quote from Albert Einstein; “If you always do as you always did you will always get what you always got”

This is what is known as ‘A truism’. So to me it makes sense that if we are looking for a different result then it has to involve some sort of change. But change in what?

Put simply it has to involve a change in process – the way (attitude) in which we do things and how we do them.

So first and foremost we should spend our time and energy researching a process that will deliver the results that we are looking for.

Needless to say there is a multi-billion euro self-help industry out there but the key is to find a book or a class that you like and apply (many people buy cookery books but how many are willing to break an egg!!).

Action without awareness is fatal  but Awareness without action is futile. (Action is the key)

When we have found this process then the next thing is to apply this process with love. “Fall in Love with the process and the results will come” — Eric Thomas.

It is vital to fall in love with the process as this will no doubt bring good energy to the table but having said that it is important to note that

• The process has to involve doing things in a different way, and
• This process will produce some element of psychological pain so be prepared for this. (Dealing with this is part of the bargain)

The reason for the psychological pain is very simple; it is because we are doing things in different way. That in turn puts us ‘Out of our comfort zone which ignites some sort of fear that we call ‘psychological pain’. This is all totally normal.

It is also true to say that when this ‘New Way’ becomes the norm then this psychological pain will soon disappear and we will become more comfortable.

In a nutshell – delivering results is all about; Change — Process — Love

• Next week I am going to write about; ‘Not having information is Power’

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