Roger Harty: Do The Opposite (Part 2)

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LAST week I wrote about ‘Do The Opposite’ (click here for previous column) and I want to continue on that theme.

Most people will go for a hot shower in the morning but something I have discovered in recent years, the benefits of a cold shower.

Yes, it is a little challenging at the start but I can promise you that like anything else you will get used to it.

As human beings we are creatures of habit (both good and bad) and we need motivation if we want to change. What motivates me is when I become aware of the benefits of a certain type of change.

I.E  WIIFM — What Is In It For Me

So on that subject if you ‘Google’ Benefits of a cold shower you will find

• Increases Alertness
• Refines Hair and skin
• Improves Immunity and Circulation
• Stimulates Weight loss
• Speeds Up Muscle Soreness and Recovery
• Eases Stress
• Relieves Depression

As they say, ‘No pain no gain’ so I believe that the benefits describe above give me the motivation and make the pain worth it. After that it is simply a case of JDI – Just Do It.

On a personal note, the best example of ‘Doing The Opposite’ that I have ever come across is the whole area of meditation.

Many many people look outwards for things to make them happy. Examples such a large houses, luxury cars, holidays, alcohol, gambling, cigarettes,  shopping sprees, expensive cloths, dining out etc, etc.

It is easy to get caught up in these things and to create desires of achieving happiness in that way.

I don’t want to sound like a killjoy and I believe there is nothing wrong with any of these things in moderation, but if one is looking for them to be a source of long term happiness, then I believe the search will be fruitless simply because the ‘joy’ that arises from all of these things is transient.

True happiness can only be achieved by not looking outward for it but by looking inwards.

Success is…Having what you want

Happiness is…Wanting what you have

The essence of this article is to articulate the fact that even though many people look to outside things for happiness that ultimately they should do the opposite and spend their time working on what is called their inner-self.

If one is at peace internally then true happiness will be ‘a gimme’

In a nutshell, Happiness is an inside job!!

• Next week I am going to write about ‘Call Off The Search’


  1. George Rice says:

    You are becoming an ever greater philosopher, Roger.
    Slán go dté tú!

  2. Roger love your posts , and so true Thank you