Roger Harty: We Are All Equal

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If you look at this through human eyes I’m on a hiding to nothing here, as no matter what I say the subject of equality is always bound to evoke controversy.

While I’m not trying to avoid controversy, I’m also not trying to provoke it.

The thing about equality is that you either believe in it or you don’t. There is no room for sitting on the fence and there is no room for ‘but’!  Equal means equal.

My mother had a great saying when she spoke about the advent of technology. She use to say “you can say what you want about all these calculators and computers but at the end of the day two and two equals four”. How right she was.

Some people believe we are equal and some people don’t.

Because this is the nature of us human beings, this subject of equality has resulted in wars, racism, injustice, poverty and downright evil in our world.

However, when we look at it through spiritual eyes (energy) then everything begins to make sense and more importantly begins to even up.

Everybody ultimately is energy so ultimately everybody is the same.

Your body gives off heat (energy) my body gives off heat (energy). Your voice emits sound energy and so does mine, when light enters your eyes your brain interprets the wavelength energy and so does mine and that is how we see.

A duck is a duck because it walks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck – why? Because it is a duck!

We as human beings behave using energy as our means of communicating because we are energy! Some people might have another name for it, be it spirit or chi but ultimately it is the same thing.

I wrote in another article about Oneness (click here). We are all part of the One energy and that is why I am saying that we are all equal.

If I am to decide that I am better or worse for that matter than someone else – I have to ask the question – Who am I to decide that ? That is not for me to decide.

My energy place in this planet is exactly the same as anybody else’s and I believe this is a good place to start.

Just because I made that statement that doesn’t mean that everybody is treated equally and here lies the difficulty.

This equality of human beings is of such importance that is written into our constitution and I’m sure into the constitution of the United States, England, France and many many other countries.

Unfortunately just because it is written into the constitution does not mean it is applied but that is another debate altogether that has long baffled mankind.

Next week I am going to write about – Music – A window to the soul.


  1. Excellent article . We are all equal …

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    Equal means equal?

    When the people in control of the society believes so and makes it so only and maybe then!……………like in France, but only for now………not in the past and maybe not in the future. Look at Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, Indonesia, Brazil, Venezuela does Equal means equal there?
    NO, some are more equal than others due to Race, Religion or Economic circumstances!

    I would also say clearly some Irish people today are as not as equal as others, when so many are in poverty and living in homelessness and dying on the streets. The fact of the matter is that the Irish people have a per capita income of about $68,883 with a population of about 4.8 million people. The main industries that boost its economy are textiles, mining, and food production – staple products in any economy. In OECD (Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development) rankings, Ireland actually places 4th overall.

    Equal means equal in Ireland! NO not so much for now – not the case in the past and maybe or maybe not in the future and that is the truth or reality of the situation.

    I love a socialist utopian ideological dream too.
    But, In my real life I have gained the wisdom of history and it shows me that when dreams when they enter the real world often become the stiff of nightmares!
    Look at communist socialism or national socialism dreams of the past, or even better look at todays liberal left post modernism Marxism dream which is behind the open boards of the western world only.

    Dreams are black and white and are dangerous in the real world – because dreams divide the reality of a grey world into black and white world. Hence, division,conflict and war with Black Vs White, Good Vs Evil, Rich Vs Poor – Them Vs Us…… is the same old story?

    “Equal means equal” is a nice saying. But, I have a better one,”The road to hell are paved with good intentions”.

    History repeats………….we didn’t start the fire! LOL.

    Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire (Official Video):