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THEY say that ‘Information is Power’ so that would mean that if we have lack of information we lose our Power.

In fact ‘lack of information’ could be connected with our very survival – that is how important some information is to us as Human Beings.

This goes back to our basic instincts for survival – our senses. If we saw a leaf falling – is there danger about. If we heard a twig breaking – danger?

If we tasted a plant in our mouth could it indicate whether it was poisonous or not before we bit into it.

If we touched animal droppings  – are they warm or cold ? – Very dangerous if they were the droppings of a bear for instance, informing us whether the bear was close or far away.

Smell would also tell us whether a dangerous animal was in the vicinity as long as we paid acute attention to it.

The point being is that what we See, Hear, Taste ,Touch and Smell (Our Senses) give us vital information which is directly connected with our survival.

Another example of ‘Information is Power’ would be the modus operandi of the Roman Army. They would use Sentries on watchtowers and send messengers on horseback ahead in order to gather information on dangerous foes.

In fact in more modern times gathering information is the whole ‘raison d’etre’  for the likes of MI5, CIA, and the former Russian KGB and this source of information was in turn regarded as vital for the survival of the State.

So back to the title FOMO – Which means Fear Of Missing Out.

Modern technology is giving us continuous news and information 24/7. Whether it is supplied by FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat, Downloads, Apps, Emails, Texts, etc,  we are consistently and constantly being bombarded with all sorts of information. Much of which is to be honest trivial, repetitive and unnessary.

After a while of getting used to all of this information, it in turn becomes addictive (connected with our survival) and we actually feel we cannot survive without it. It is connected with our Fear Instinct? – Fear Of Missing Out ? I believe it is.

That is why we sometimes feel we cannot put the phone out of our hands or we feel ‘lost’ if by any chance we are without our phones. How often have we heard someone say – “I cannot survive without my phone” or “My phone” is like my Right hand.

This is running very close to the truth because it is connected with FOMO —– Fear Of Missing Out on the latest news or gossip.

But here is one question we have to ask ourselves – Is this FOMO real. Is it True.

The answer if a big – No.

It is not Real and It is not True.

We have survived thousands of years without mobile phones and tablets and we can survive without them without dying. It is simply to develop the habit of putting them aside and using them as necessary perhaps for a certain prescribed period every day.

FOMO is not a Real Fear but our bodies have to come to realise this.

• Next week I am going to write about— Reshaping Fear


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    “We have survived thousands of years without mobile phones and tablets and we can survive without them without dying.”

    How can we survive with mobile phones and tablets and can we survive with them without dying or have mental or physical health related injuries!

    Is 5G Technology Dangerous?:

    Dangerous WiFi kills sperm, slows ant movement and kills watercress:

    Makes you wonder!

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    P.S. to Ed Harty (no relation)
    September 13, 2018 at 2:08 pm:

    So, because I do not support a Boer genocide makes me a white supremacist? LOL.

    If, I had I spoke up about Rohingya Muslims and made a case against a possible Rohingya genocide would that make me an Islamist or suffering from hysteria?

    I worry about the western liberal left mindset;

    Weaponised words are dangerous labels designed to shutdown freedom of speech or debate.
    Calling me a “white supremacist” – even if used in a passive aggressive or suggested way is wrong as I am not. Even if I do not support mass migration or open borders – why should I, just because George Soros is Lobbying our corrupt politicians for it?

    Wake up, Italy closes their ports because of Nationalism and suddenly Spain opens their borders – Why?:

    When people stop talking, they start taking action and that is how peaceful democracy ends and conflict/war begins.

    Time and time again, history tells us of this – the world over!