Roger Harty: How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

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HOW do you get to Carnegie Hall?

This is an aphorism of relatively recent origin and it comes with its own set answer – Practice, Practice, Practice.

Practice is really a wonderful thing, because when you look at it, it really is all about giving ourselves another chance. Another chance to get it right!

Notice I didn’t say a second chance because the truth is that we can have as many chances as we want or in other words we can practice as much as we want. The more the merrier.

But the real clever coaches will tell you that it is not just the practice that counts, but ultimately it is the quality of the practice that will produce the goods and producing the goods is what it is all about.

So let’s examine what I mean by quality of practice. It is practice with observation, and that observation can come from ourselves or with the help of an outside coach.

The reason is as follows. If there is a flaw in our practice which there inevitably is as beginners, then that ‘flaw’ needs to be corrected at an early stage otherwise the danger is that we can become good at practicing the wrong thing.

Practice requires experienced observation.

Practice requires regular repetition.

Practice it best performed with a certain amount of resilience to get it right, but also frustration can be reduced if one can bring a non-judgmental attitude to the practice.

(Note: many people give up, purely as a result of initial frustration)

Proper, Prior, Practice, Prevents, Pathetic, Poor, Performance.

A world renowned tennis player once gave the following observation.

“If I don’t practice for one day — I notice.

If I don’t practice for two days — My coach notices.

If I don’t practice for three days — My fans notice.”

The best advice from the experts when buying a house is ‘Location, Location, Location’.

In a similar vein the best advice on – How do you get to Carnegie Hall (The Top!!)?  is ‘Practice, Practice Practice’

But, be aware of the quality of the Practice.

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