Roger Harty: Gratitude Is The Key

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A FEW years ago at a meeting I was introduced as Roger Harty a great fighter of depression.

While I welcomed the intent of the person who introduced me, which I have no doubt was well meaning,  I was very quick to point out that the best way to deal with depression (or any difficulty for that matter) is not to fight it but indeed to embrace it into our lives.

If we embrace something into our lives i.e. treat it as a blessing, then another name for this is ‘Gratitude’ which is what we do when we welcome something into our lives.

So, in a nutshell, the key is gratitude rather than resistance which is what we do when we fight something.

You might well ask ‘Why is this so?’

The answer is simple…

When we show gratitude, we gain good energy — When we resist or fight we lose energy.

Simpler still…

Gratitude (Acceptance) —Makes us feel better

Resistance (Non Acceptance) — Makes us feel worse

Now to further elaborate, do you want to feel better or worse?

Obviously the  answer for any Human Being is ‘Better’, so without doubt gratitude is the key even if it is for health reasons alone. Good positive energy and good health go hand in hand.

I can hear you ask ‘Roger, how can you possibly expect people to show gratitude when they are experiencing grave difficulty in their lives for whatever reason?’

My answer is simple…

True gratitude is better than non-gratitude in exactly the same way that true acceptance is always better than non-acceptance.

Nobody is saying that it is easy but it is always the better option, it gives us more energy to deal with the situation.

Anyone can succeed in a winning team but the real character of a player is demonstrated when the going gets tough, say 3-0 down at half time.

The real characters will accept the situation and use it as an opportunity to show true grit,  rather than throwing in the towel and work to change the result.

It doesn’t mean the results will always go your way, but it always begins with gratitude/acceptance of a situation.

Thus it (Gratitude) is the key to unlock !!

The most difficult time to put this into practice is when we lose someone we love, but even in that difficulty we can pray for the grace of acceptance as it is always the better choice.

• Next week I am going to write about — The Message Of The Cross

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