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THERE is a wonderful Chelsea Football Club song of the ‘60s and 70’s origin called ‘Blue is the colour’.

In fact it is now the Chelsea FC anthem and it unites fans whenever they meet. It begins like this ‘Blue is the colour, football is the game, we’re all together and winning is out aim’ – mighty stuff!

Well today, St Patrick’s Day and this weekend all over the world we are celebrating ‘Green is the colour’ as the unifying force of all Irish people. We stand united in green.

An interesting question here is — but why the colour green?

Well for starters, especially, with all the rain we have experienced of recent times if you approached this Island of Ireland by air, all you would see is a sea of green below you. Thus the name ‘Emerald Isle’.

Another example of this is where our country is eulogised in that famous song ‘Forty shades of Green’, written and performed by that wonderful artist Johnny Cash aka ‘the man in black’.

Now anyone who knows me, or reads my articles on a regular basis, will know that I look at the world through all things energy. When we look at the colour ‘Green’ through the ‘eyes of energy’ things get very interesting.

As always, go back to nature and I believe there is nothing more natural than a rainbow. A rainbow through the act of diffusion indicates all the colours that are present though invisible in white light. The colours are as follows and I wish to emphasise that the order is important: they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

A good way to remember them is ‘Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’. Note the 4th colour is green. This, consistently and for eternity will remain the fourth colour.

Another area of our lives that has ‘invisiblility’ as its common theme are the energy ‘Chakras’ of our bodies. A Chakra is a spinning energy vortex. Just like the rainbow there are seven of them and again, just like the rainbow, each of the chakras has a designated colour in a particular order.

Guess what the 4th Chakra (Green) represents? The Heart.

On this basis we could say that Ireland represents the ‘Heart’ of the world especially today.

Now things get even more interesting when we examine the French translation of the word ‘Heart’ is  le coeur. This is where the word courage and inner strength comes from.  Having the courage to speak/write the truth despite the odds.

Ireland has always punched away above its weight for such a tiny country. Through the centuries we have sent poets and scholars and religious spreading their knowledge and wisdom throughout the world penetrating all corners.

Per Capita we have without doubt the largest diaspora with huge influence in world affairs, right up to and including the office of President Of The United States.

In fact, I believe we are the only country in the world that is guaranteed an annual Presidential audience.

With this power comes obligation and the obligation here is to honour our National Colour Green and speak with truth, courage and strength as our world needs this now more than ever.

So today of all days — Green Is the Colour. Happy St Patricks Day everyone.

• Next week I am going to write about — Do The Opposite (Part II)

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  1. Mags Reidy Corcoran says:

    Wonderful Roger. I always enjoy your writings first thing in d a.m. sets me up for d day.
    THANK YOU!!!