Roger Harty: Why It Is Hard To Meditate

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THE dictionary definition of ‘A Paradox’ is ‘An apparent contradiction’. Well that is how I feel right now as I set out to write this article as I don’t agree with the above headline even though it was I who wrote it.

Let me explain further.

The thinking mind will NEVER agree that meditation is easy in the same way that a turkey will NEVER vote for Christmas!!

Why is this I ask you?

You see the thinking mind loves problems, simply because problems need solutions and solutions involve thinking. So the thinking mind has a job and as long as it has a job, it is happy.

No organ, be it the ‘thinking mind’ or otherwise, will willingly give up its job without a fight and that is why the ‘thinking mind will always say that meditation is ‘Hard’ and it will never agree that it is ‘Easy’.

It won’t give up its power so it won’t give up its job easily without a fight!!

When we meditate initially it will constantly barrage us with trivial problems as if to remind us how much we need it and how we cannot survive without it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This initial barragement of problems is known in the meditation world as ‘The Monkey Mind’ and it a totally normal phase of initial practice.

But like any other procedure we are told that ‘Practice makes perfect’ and this is so true with meditation. That is why you never hear of anyone doing meditation but they are practicing meditation.

With diligence, awareness and practice the ‘Monkey mind’ will eventually be tamed.

I always tell myself it is ‘Easy’ because like any other practice if you tell yourself ‘it’s too hard’ then you are already in difficulty before you start.

Just like climbing a mountain it is nice to give yourself comfort and encouragement along the journey and tell yourself that you are well capable of achieving the task in hand.

Remember that the expression that something is ‘Easy’ or it is ‘Hard’ are both opinions and as such involve ‘the thinking mind’.

As explained above ‘The thinking mind’ has a vested interest in the outcome as it doesn’t want to hand over its Power so it will never agree that meditation is easy. That is the battle that is going on between The Mind and The Self.

Initially The Mind holds dominance but with practice The Self can gain control.

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