Roger Harty: If You’re Explaining You’re Losing

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THIS is a concept that I came across many years ago and it can be very helpful advice if one knows when and where to use it.

Initial examination of this could suggest that it is being rude, but that is not meant to be the case so if I’m explaining I’m losing!

There are certain things in life that you can tell people and either they are listening or they are not.

Furthermore listening is only half of the battle, as even listening is no good if you don’t apply it.

Thus we have that powerful expression; ‘You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.’

Taking the horse to the water is no good as he won’t get rid of his thirst if he doesn’t actually drink the water (apply!!).

Anyway either drink the water or don’t, but if you’re ‘explaining your losing’. Too much cajoling is only a waste of energy and might even turn the horse against it.

The bottom line here is the word ‘Resistance’ – if someone doesn’t want to or is not in a position to hear what you are saying, then, ‘If you’re explaining you’re losing’

This can get quite frustrating even when one is stating an obvious truth, like… 2 + 2 = 4.

There is no need for this frustration (loss of energy) for if ‘you’re explaining you’re losing’.

This ultimately I believe is the message of Jesus when he says ‘blessed are the gentle of spirit’.

He tells us to ‘enter the house and spread My Word ( I Am The Way), if you are made feel welcome then fine, if not, wipe your feet on the mat and go to the house next door and do similar.

He is telling us to be ‘Gentle’ in our deliverance of His message and ultimately there is no need to explain any further. If they welcome the message and apply it, they will come to know that it works.

Being ‘Gentle’ in this context means not raising one’s voice or not trying to be persuasive, either they accept the facts (2+2=4 !) or they don’t, and move on.

In fact if your raise your voice or try to be in any way persuasive (cajoling), it can work against you as it sounds like you have a vested interest which is not the case.

Anyway if I’m explaining I’m losing!

• Next week I am going to write about — Don’t Be Wasting Your Battery

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