Roger Harty: The Link Between Health And Fear

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rsz_roger_hartyTHERE is a saying that goes like this: ‘If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got’ (Definition of madness: keep on doing the same thing and expecting a different result!).

This is what I call a ‘truism’, in other words – our results are because of our actions. This was very true in my own case as, for many years I ambled through life in what I now realise was in an unaware way.

Yes, I was what I would best describe as ‘happy go lucky’, but when this ‘attitude’ began to take its toll on my health then things got pretty serious for me.

They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ so fortunately I began to look at life in a different way. I began to look at life through the ‘eyes of energy’ and luckily I have never looked back since.

Our thoughts are energy. The average person has circa 60,000 thoughts in a day. We may be unaware that that is the case but whether we are aware or unaware that is still the case.

Someone who has a condition like depression, anxiety, panic attack or suffers from any other form of ‘stress issue’ could have in excess of 300,000 thoughts in a day and that is a hell of a lot of energy to be burning up.

It is no surprise then that our bodies are energy and we are burning up (wasting energy though the aware or unaware thinking process) energy that eventually the ‘chickens will come home to roost’ and our bodies don’t function properly which will eventually result in ‘ill heath’ (I explain this in a little more detail in a previous article about worry, here).

With all this excessive thinking going on – energy being burnt off – is it any surprise that our organs don’t perform as they are under stress which in turn results in disease.

This would quite easily explain where the term disease originates from i.e. Dis-ease in other words an organ under stress.

I don’t mind a problem in life – in fact they say that problems are like good fertilizer (manure!) they help with growth – but I like a problem to come with a solution and here it is – Meditation.

With meditation you learn to control your thoughts – not your thoughts controlling you. A key ingredient of fear is thought.

I pose the question – How is it possible to experience fear if you are not thinking?

Answer – it is impossible.

Through regular practice of mindful meditation, we can slowly but surely begin to de-stress our bodies which will in turn cause our internal organs to function in a less stressed manner and thus eliminate disease. It will, by default, result in a state of ‘Ease’ in our bodies, maybe not initially but over time.

A quote from The Buddha – ‘Concentrate on the process and the results will come’.

Thus when we begin to eliminate ‘Fear’ from our bodies as a parallel we can also begin to eliminate ill-health. Meditation is a very little known skill in The Western Hemisphere – I for one am a huge fan purely because I have seen the results it can deliver.

It can bring peace, harmony, joy and good health to the world. Now how good is that, not only to our world but also to our health and thus our economy?

Meditation is ‘Free’ simply because our Breath is ‘Free’. Enjoy it – and the benefits – before they put a tax on it!

• Next week I am going to write about stress.

• Roger Harty is a life coach and can be contacted on 087-6128336, on twitter at @Innerjoyz1 or by email 


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