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I SAW a lovely post on Facebook this week that funnily enough I had posted myself about 6 years ago and it came up as a memory. It goes like this.

One day at a time – this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in The Present and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering.

Happiness is a journey.

Even though I posted it 6 years ago I reflected on how appropriate it is in the current climate. There are so many many people worried in the current climate about the Covid 19 virus and all of it’s implications.

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I ask the question; Is there something we can do that might help us in the middle of this terrible situation? The answer is – Live in the present.

Again funnily enough, the only place we can truly live is in The Present, for the past is gone and the future hasn’t yet arrived so the only show in town is The Present.

The problem is that our mind loves to live in the past (worry) or in the future (anxious about things to come) but the only place our mind doesn’t like is The Present.

Why? Because it has nothing to think about if we truly live in The Present, so it is out of a job and it doesn’t like that (turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!!)

Living in The Present doesn’t mean that we are living in denial ( De Nial – a river in Egypt!!).

Yes, our world is in turmoil right now, yes people are out of work, yes this virus is very, very serious and people are losing their lives. There is no denying any of that.

The key is to accept all of these things and the seriousness of them.

In that space of acceptance, we should follow as best we can all the guidelines that have been given to us. Keep social distance, wash our hands on a regular basis, wear gloves and minimise the amount of contact we have outside of our houses etc.etc

In the meantime living in Present means doing things that will be helpful to keep our minds away from our thoughts. The serious mind practitioners use things like the breath for meditation purposes.  In essence all they are doing here is using their breath as an instrument to distract them away form thoughts. They are practising living in The Present.

Other simple ways of doing the same thing are for example, listing to soothing music, baking a cake or preparing a nice meal, doing a jigsaw, playing cards or a board game, enjoying the company of each other etc.

Have you seen the huge increase of ideas for living in the present appear on social media of late. That is because mankind has this innate ability to survive and more and more people are realising that if they can improve the quality of their present moment amidst all of this upsetting time it is only going to help.

So, look to our creative people (who know what will help), and in the meantime.

Live in The Present.

Next week I am  going to write about — Loving What Is 

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