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‘LOVE Is The Drug’ is the title of a song by the artist Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music fame.

Something tells me that the type of Love that Bryan was referring to isn’t the same type that I am referring to in this article.

In order to articulate the difference I believe the type of Love he is writing about is more akin to lust. The ins and outs of lust, the positives and negatives I think are best reserved for another day.

The type of Love I am referring to here is a much simpler type. In a nutshell it is basically being fully content in the present moment with all that is going on right here right now.

Ok I can hear you say well that oversimplifies things but my response to that is to try the opposite i.e. not being content right here right now and see where that gets you?

Where is my source for espousing that definition of Love. I believe it comes from the highest source of all i.e. The basic message of Jesus when he said “I Am (is)  the way”.

What He was telling us was to live in the present moment with the gift of Acceptance of all things and that inner peace would arise.

This inner peace (contentment) in the present moment will create the ideal environment for connection with His Grace which in turn reveals His eternal Love for us.

This is the type of Love and resulting peace and joy that I am referring to.

The real beauty of this type of Love is that it is eternal and always accessible rather than the fleeting short term experience that is achieved through lust.

Have I a problem with lust? (The oldest trade in the world!) – Not really but I know it is nothing in comparison to Love that can be achieved through inner peace and contentment.

What I am really trying to say here is our thoughts which can result in worry and anxiety can be addictive so can our connection with inner peace (Love) be addictive.

I’m saying worry and anxiety is like a drug – how often do you hear people saying ‘I can’t stop worrying’ so my logic is that if you can’t stop it then you are addicted to it. So worry is akin to a drug.

On the other hand, through the practice of Presence we can also achieve inner peace (Jesus’ message) – this is also in a form of addiction but the difference is this is my drug of choice.

I choose inner peace over worry any day!

In fact, ultimately it is the drug of choice of all human beings because when all is said and done everyone if they were to admit it is searching for peace. The only problem here is that not everyone is willing to create the environment (Stillness) to access this drug.

So if inner peace is the drug of choice that in turn means ‘Love is the Drug’.

Good man Bryan Ferry for giving me that wonderful title for my article even though we might differ on the content…

‘Oh, catch that buzz

Love is the drug I’m thinking of

Oh, can’t you see 

Love is the drug for me.’

• Next week I am going to write about — How to recognise Truth 

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