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rsz_roger_hartyTHIS is the start of a new year. A new dawn beckons so this is the perfect time to discuss habits.

So what is the big deal about habits? Probably the most interesting statement I have ever heard about habits is the following: ‘Habits make Habits’.

Very simple, very interesting and also very true. If this is a ‘very true’ statement then it is really worth having a very good look at.

Let’s get to the point. They say to create a new habit takes at a minimum of 21 days of concentrated effort.

It is also said that if you concentrate on practicing this new habit (way of living) for 90 days or more to good effect, then the new habit becomes almost irreversible.

This is because it is connected with the mechanisms of the thinking mind. The ‘thinking mind’ can work for us or against us – whichever we choose.

An essential tool in changing the thinking mind is ‘meditation’, but I don’t want to get sidetracked on this as I have written much about this subject in previous articles here  amongst others. So this is a good place to start.

Another good thing to bring to the table here is motivation.

Why do I want to change? Ask the questions (1)  ‘What will it bring to my life ?’ (2) ‘What are the reasons that I want to change?’ (3) ‘Am I suffering enough in the way my life is that I really want to change?’

You see these types of questions must first be challenged and answered in a very honest way in order to gather the fuel for motivation.

The motivation will come when the desire for peace in our mind is greater than the desire for suffering. A relentless desire for change will beckon.

What change is required? Firstly a recognition!

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

So perhaps we are trying to lose weight and want to change. Answer the above three questions.

Now the next important facet is to have a good perspective.

‘When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes.’

Basically what we are doing here is weighing up the pros and cons involved with the change.

In other words am I willing to accept the short term suffering involved with the change in order to achieve the goals that I desire. (No Excuses) the answer Yes or No is required.

A plan (in the case of diet we have to become aware of what foods are good for us and what are not) put simply – No Junk Food.

“Action without awareness is fatal, awareness without action is futile” – Wayne Dyer

Action – J.D.I. (Just Do It)

• Next week I and going to write about ‘Kindness’

• Roger Harty is a life coach and can be contacted on 087-6128336, on twitter at @Innerjoyz1 or by email 

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