Roger Harty: Meditation – What Is It?

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rsz_roger_hartyA YOUNG man came into my office recently knowing that I had an interest in the whole area of meditation and asked me ’what is it and what is it all about?’

I was just about to launch into an enthusiastic reply when he started to speak. I will never forget his wise and revealing words on the subject of meditation.

He said that he heard of a great story to explain the benefits of meditation and it goes as follows: Two men Johnny and Michael were given two axes and were asked to go to either side of wood which was exactly three miles wide.

Their task was to chop a pathway into the centre of the wood and the first man to reach that point was the winner. All the conditions were equal and they were able to hear each other chopping in the distance.

Johnny was chopping away frantically and after a while he noticed something very strange. In the distance he could hear silence after a regular period of about thirty minutes of chopping.

He came to the conclusion that Michael was taking a rest from his work and that that would give him an advantage if he kept on chopping. So he kept on chopping incessantly in order to achieve his goal.

After about three days he reached the centre of the wood, but to his great chagrin and astonishment, Johnny found that Michael was sitting on a bench smiling and rested.

He asked Michael how long he was finished and Michael responded that he had reached the centre of the wood about eight hours previously.

Johnny was very confused by this as he could hear Michael taking a rest from chopping every half hour ,while he had persisted with his work non-stop and if right be right, he should have finished before Michael.

How had he managed it? “Well,” said Michael, “every half hour I sat down for ten minutes and sharpened my axe.”

Meditation if practiced on a regular basis will enhance our lives in a similar fashion.

It is not always easily explained but the most important thing is that it works. It allows us freedom from our thinking mind and puts us in the space of being an observer even of our own thoughts.

From that point of being an observer, we can then choose what thoughts serve us well in our lives and what thoughts don’t. Thus we can reduce the amount of useless repetitive thoughts that we have and as a result, save energy.

Meditation is a means of connecting with our subconscious and is done by connecting with the body energy.

This can be realised (NB: notice I used the word realised not achieved as it is not something that can be searched for) in many different ways, the most popular thing is connecting with the breath, but other ways are connecting with what we see, hear, taste touch and smell.

This is what is really meant when our elders gave us that powerful advise ‘Come to your senses’ and it is also the true meaning behind the advice that Jesus Christ gave us when he said ‘Be still and know that I am God’.

Remember Napoleon was an ordinary foot soldier when he was on the battlefield but when he went to the surrounding hills and observed what was truly going on he became a general.

Next week I am going to write about ‘The Inner Self ‘

• Roger Harty is a life coach and can be contacted on 087-6128336, on twitter at @Innerjoyz1 or by email 


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