Roger Harty: Music — A Window To The Soul

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IT is nigh on 40 years since I did my Junior-Cert and anyone of my vintage would even remember that it was then called the Inter-Cert.

One of the subjects that I undertook for this exam was music. My music teacher in St Brendan’s Killarney at that time was a Mr O’Sullivan who tried his utmost not only to teach us the subject but also to develop a love of it.

Around that time (1975-1980) the pop group ABBA were riding on a crest of a wave breaking all sorts of chart records.

Mr O’Sullivan suggested to the class one day that the music of ABBA was of very high quality and that the sound frequencies of the music was said to have healing qualities.

Little did I know or apprehend where he was coming from at the time but I now appreciate how right he was.

You see music can connect directly with our bodies. As I have written in many articles that ultimately we are energy (e.g. our bodies give off heat) and sound is energy (sound frequency)

So if that is the case then it makes absolute sense that if we can discover and connect the sound frequency that delivers the best frequency for healing with the body then that will yield positive results.

Two sound frequencies 432Hz and 528Hz in particular are said to have powerful healing capabilities.

In the energy body we have 7 chakras (Energy vortices) and each of these are represented by a different colours (Colours of the rainbow) and are also cleansed using different energy frequencies.

So just like watering a flower, which in turn causes it to bloom, if we immerse ourselves in the appropriate sound frequency then healing can begin.

Along with ABBA the music of the great classical period contains wonderful healing powers.

The classical period (1775-1825) containing the music of Beethoven, Mozart and perhaps a little later Brahms among others has been proven time and time again to deliver great comfort and peace to the soul.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and that is why this music has lasted down through the centuries and so many people who listen to it find a peace harmony within that can only be truly experienced but not quite easily described.

The direct link between sound and our bodies is now used as major source of therapy all over the world and is a well proven science.

Just like it is important for our bodies to be careful what we eat it is also of equal importance to be careful of the quality of the music (sound frequency) that we subject our bodies to.

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