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I WROTE last week (here) about my greatest awareness being ‘living in the now’ so ergo it should make absolute sense that my greatest application should be practicing ‘living in the Now’.

The two key words here are the words ‘should’ and ‘practice’.

As Jesus said – ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’. In other words – What use really is Awareness if we don’t Apply it.

I also referred last week to Eckhart Tolle who wrote the book ‘The Power of Now’ which has sold over 32 million copies worldwide.

He also realised that it is obvious that wisdom awareness is useless without application so he released a second book – Can you imagine what the name of it is??

Yes you’ve guessed it! Practicing The Power of Now.

In simple terms, you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.

Everyone knows (knowledge) that consumption of water helps eliminate thirst. Even the horse knows (knowledge) it. However the truth of the matter is, that all of this knowledge is absolutely futile unless the horse finally drinks it.

Action without awareness is fatal. Awareness without action is futile.

The key for me here is that if we are given a nugget of Wisdom which over time will bring results then JDI (Just Do It), a slogan which no wonder has been adopted and is now synonymous with the Nike sport brand.

I use a similar catchphrase on a regular basis; ‘If you’re thinking you’re losing’. Just do it.

The horse doesn’t need to think about drinking the water to get rid of his thirst all he needs to do is drink it.

The real fear here is that with all of this knowledge the horse might still refuse to drink the bloody water! When it comes to animals we humans call this being ‘stubborn’.

When it comes to humans we have a much fancier name for it. We call it ‘resistance’.

The bottom line is still the same. If he doesn’t drink the water and if he persists with that attitude then he will die of thirst.

Jesus says ‘I am (is) the way, come follow me and I will give you rest’.

• Next week I am going to write about ‘Why we don’t like taking orders’.

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  1. George Rice says:

    You have given a lesson on education – applicable to schools, and people of all ages.
    “You can bring a child into the classroom but you can’t make him think.”
    Bail ó Dhia ar an obair.