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WHAT a beautiful word ‘Namaste’ is.

I suppose that is part of the beauty, the fact that it is only a simple single word, yet it incorporates so much meaning to it.

Certainly it is a prime example of the expression ‘the best goods come in small parcels’.

Namaste is an ancient expression of a blessing. It is of Sanskrit origin (Sanskrit is an ancient Eastern language) and is still used regularly as a form of greeting in India, Nepal and its surrounds.

The greeting Namaste is usually accompanied by the clasping  of one’s palms together in a prayer-like manner in front of the chest and also with a gentle bow.

This simple word, accompanied with the appropriate gesture now takes on a whole new meaning. It roughly translates in our language to…

‘The spirit in me bows to the spirit in you’

It can also incorporate Love and Truth.

The Love and Truth within me honours The Love and Truth within you.

Or if one prefers the word Energy.

My Energy honours your Energy.

Or I bow to the Spirit within you.

As you can see, there is not always a direct translation from ancient language into English but it is important to remember here that essentially language is a form of communication. What is far more important than the words that we use is the message that is being communicated.

Sidenote In the world we are living in today I think Mr Trump and Mr Jung Un would be well advised to take note of the above.

Namaste is without doubt a message of honour, peace and love which is something our world can certainly do with.

I find it also very interesting that the Catholic Church changed their rhetoric in recent times. Just before Communion the old phraseology was ‘Peace be with you followed by the reply- also with you’ which has now been changed to ‘Peace be with you and with your Spirit’ which is said at least three times in the Mass.

Now I am not and I don’t claim to be an expert in liturgical matters but to my eyes there is a great similarity between ‘Peace be with you and with your Spirit’ and ‘Namaste’.

Very interesting. Perhaps our worldwide religions are coming closer together in rhetoric, peace and love. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Next week I am going to write about – We are all equal.

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