Roger Harty: Not Having Information Is Power

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THERE is one thing that we are absolutely guaranteed in this world and that is change.

The world is constantly changing. Now people who read my articles will know that I have a great love for the wisdom of old sayings but I am now going to challenge the wisdom of one of such sayings.

The old saying is that ‘Information (knowledge) is power’ and calling a spade a spade I have now come to believe that too much information can be very detrimental to our health and well-being.

In the technology driven world that we live in we are constantly being bombarded by a continuous stream of information much of which is surplus to our needs.

From the moment we get  up we have constant updates on the latest news and weather, texts and emails about this that and the other, FaceBook, Viber, Whatsapp, Instagram , Apps for whatever, all demanding our attention from sunrise to sunset.

I believe that our bodies are unable to process all of this information on a constant basis simply and if only for the fact that this sort of technology wasn’t around before, so how could it be expected to develop a means to deal with this overnight.

This type of technology excess has been sprung upon us only over the last 20 years, which in terms of evolution is like ‘Overnight’.

In simple terms – Too Much Too Quick.

If you tried to do something for the very first time, then I’m sure you would expect to be ‘out of your comfort zone’, yet we are expecting our bodies to accept a whole barrage of new technology on a regular basis and not to react in a negative way.

If our bodies could talk then I’m sure they would be saying ‘No Way’

The only way that our bodies can react to discomfort (stress) is through the means of illness and that is what I fear is going to happen.

It’s a simple case of overload.

Just like eating too much food, especially the wrong food (junk food), our bodies can only take so much and we develop digestion difficulties, in a similar way too much information overload can have a negative impact on us.

The solution is also in a similar vein –iIn the case of food then one has to apply awareness and restraint – stand back from the table.

In the case of information overload we also need first and foremost awareness of this and then to give our bodies a rest from same.

By-the-way I do not see the world of technology changing ( just getting faster) so the only option I believe we have here is to change how we react to this changing world.

This can best be achieved by turning off technology, getting out into nature (walks, garden etc) or practicing some sort of meditation.

Look at it as a way of recharging your battery!

• Next week I am going to write about — Smart Phone V Human Body

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