Roger Harty: Why ‘Now’ Works

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WE know something is a truth because it works and it works because it is a truth.

Living in the ‘Now’ works so therefore it is a truth but the question on the title above is ‘Why’ ?

Again I have to ask the right question. Do you have a difficulty with the word ‘Now’?

The answer if one is to be honest is – No.

If you put that very same question to a myriad of people the answer would still be – No.

You see the word ‘Now’ does not present any difficulty for people. Your ‘Now’ is the same as my ‘Now’ and the truth is all we have is ‘Now’.

If we can agree that the word ‘Now’ presents ‘No difficulty’ then another way of expressing the phrase ‘no difficulty’ is ‘freedom from conflict’.

If there is ‘freedom from conflict’ then that inevitably brings us into a space of ‘Peace’.

Most people would agree that ‘Peace’ is ultimately what we are all searching for so therefore if that is the case if you reread what I have written above it would come as a direct consequence of following that logic that accessing the ‘Now’ is a fail-proof way of attaining that same ‘Peace’.

That in a nutshell is why ‘Now’ works.

Important sidenote: I said above we are all searching for ‘peace’ but it is important to note that if we can only access it through ‘Now’ then ultimately is can only be found in the ‘Present moment’.

The Truth is therefore we can never access it by searching for it as ‘searching’ by its very nature implies future which is doomed to failure because again it can only be accessed through ‘The Now’ or ‘The Present’ if you should prefer that terminology.

This explains why mindfulness has exploded in popularity all around the world because mindfulness if applied with due diligence gives us access to ‘The Now’ which in turn gives us access to ‘Peace’.

Now I think you would all agree that a tomato and a tomatoe are the same thing just different pronunciation. One could be eternally arguing over the difference but to no effect if they are the same thing.

‘I Am’ is the same as ‘The Now’

So Jesus said “I Am (is)  the way the truth and the life”

That was His message.

He didn’t say “I Was is the way” (past) or “I Will be is the way”(future)

He said “I  Am is the way” (Present)

So Jesus was the true Messenger of peace. All we have to do is follow His Message which is centered around ‘The Now’ and it is guaranteed to work.

Why — Because ‘Now’ works.

“Be still and know that I Am God”

(My article is original but I must give credit to the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle which I would highly recommend and which undoubtedly gave me a better insight into the above. However the greatest insight is to practice it)

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