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rsz_roger_hartyBEFORE I begin, I believe I should inform the readers that I got most of my knowledge as a direct result from recovery from mental illness (depression).

Having travelled the journey and made a full recovery (whatever that is!), I realised the importance of having a good plan as this gives confidence and is a great reference tool to have.

A good plan should be simple, easily to follow and with no difference to any other type of plan (building etc) the follower should have great belief that if applied with diligence it will bring the required result.

I now refer to depression as being nothing other than ‘low energy’ so every part of my plan should help in acquiring higher energy levels.

I have no conflict with the medical world and as a lifecoach  I do not comment on medicine as I do not have the requisite knowledge to do so, however I do have the strong belief that if we pay attention to the other areas of our life, it can only help with our overall well-being.

It is very important that I declare this from the outset, as there are many people with psychological illness and as long as they are taking medical treatment that works for them, then they should make absolutely no changes to that routine (a) if it works for them and (b) without consulting their medical adviser.

This is where I developed the concept of the ‘Two Stools’! You can comfortably sit on a four-legged stool and not fall off!

four stool 2 copyYou can also sit comfortably on a three-legged stool and not fall off ! (think of a stool for milking the cows long ago !).

But if you sit on a two-legged stool you will surely fall on your backside. I do not judge the stool as long as it brings the required result, no more so than I don’t comment on the area of medicine in recovery from any illness, as long as the client is happy and the acquired result is realised.

However, I do think it is important to apply all of the first three legs of the stool if we want to live full and happy lives and this applies to every human being. If one neglects any one of the legs, it is surely to the detriment of our quality of living.

The currency that I speak of when I discuss any leg of the ‘stool’, is the currency of Energy. In other words – Will it bring more energy into my life if I apply it properly and also the corollary – will it result in a drop in energy if I neglect it or even worse if I don’t apply it at all?

3_Legged_StoolAll of the above facets (legs of the stool) are so important for enjoying a healthy life, but it is so important that they are all applied in unison and should one be neglected, it is no different than someone pulling a leg from under the stool and resulting in one falling on their backside.

The great blessing of depression (low energy) is that it acted like a great teacher (disciplinarian) and made me pay great attention to all of the legs of the stool.

Yes I did use the word ‘blessing’ on purpose as it thought me so much about life and who we are as human beings and as to how we function in this world.

The teacher (depression) is now dead but the education continues! Many many people would not be alive today had it not been for the good medical intervention of their doctors.

I now sit comfortably on my three-legged stool but I am so happy and totally non-judgemental of anyone sitting on a four legged stool as long as it is bringing solace to their lives.

Next week I am going to write in more detail about the separate legs of the stool in Plan (part 2)

• Roger Harty is a life coach and can be contacted on 087-6128336, on twitter at @Innerjoyz1 or by email 

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