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IT could be fair to say that we all have a body and a brain and that we should all just get on with life and that’s it. Life in its fullest simplicity!

Yes, all of the above is true, but I will add that if we do not become aware of the workings of our brain and bodies, and pay attention to them then life can become far more difficult.

Have you heard the term ‘We are our own worst enemy’?

Yes it is often said, but more important is the question—- ‘Is it true’? I believe that it is very true.

I wrote before about how 80% of the thoughts of the average human being are negative and how over 90% are repeated from the day before.

If this is true (don’t believe me? Google it!) then this would definitely suggest to me that our unaware unchallenged minds are definitely not serving us well (not our friend) so de facto it must be our enemy.

If you were a goalkeeper and you missed the ball 8 times out of 10 you would soon be called to the side-line!

However the news is good and the beauty or our body and mind is that it allows us an escape clause, thanks be to God.

In essence our brain can be divided into two parts. The left hand side and the right hand side.

The left hand side of the brain is more engaged with thoughts, logic and analysis, while the right hand side is more involved with our creativity.

In an ideal world they would both work perfectly together and all would be well, but as you well know that is not the case.

Over the generations as humans evolve, our left hand side of the brain is beginning to take over. We believe that we are more intelligent and have all the modern gadgets and answers for living fulfilled lives but the reality is that, that is not the case.

I don’t wish to sound like a kill-joy but the world is moving faster and faster and we are all trying to keep up, which in turn is causing more stress, thus more health worries and thus fearful of our very survival. In essence all left sided brain stuff.

Solution: Move to the Right Hand Side of the brain.

How? Learn to meditate or to use the modern idiom – practice mindfulness.

When we do this we become more creative in our ways and come to realise that there are many ways to skin a cat!

Ultimately we will discover that there is no need to worry, that there is no point and anyway that all Shall Be Well ( Look up the life of Julian of Norwich who preached this over 600 years ago.

Another huge benefit is that we also become far less concerned about our need to survive.

I cannot espouse enough the benefits of meditation other than to encourage anyone to practice if for themselves and watch their lives transform for the better. ‘In doing you learn’.

What happens? Slowly but gently you move to the Right hand side of the brain where the real beauty, truth and creativity of our lives unfold.

So, for true peace, health and happiness, Right Is Right

• Next week I am going to write about, ‘What The Aborigines Knew That We Didn’t’

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