Roger Harty: Smart Phone Vs Human Body

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I CAME across a saying recently which I thought was very apt – it goes as follows.

‘Long ago there were smart people and dull phones, now we have smart phones and dull people.’

There is a certain truth in that saying that I believe is a little bit close to the bone and that’s why it  rings alarms bells within many of us.

I believe there is a very similar analogy between the Smart phone and the human body.

Let me start by saying that I hardly know the difference between a megabyte and a gigabyte as it is all part of the techno language that exists in the world of computers and smartphones.

What I do know is that there are connected with the amount of storage information that for instance a smartphone can have and as a general rule of thumb the more data storage ability the higher the cost.

Question – What happens to a smartphone when it reaches close to it’s data storage limit!

Answer – It behaves irrationally and refuses to take or store pictures and other types of messages.

Similar things happen when the charge is running low; the smartphone begins to malfunction and refuses to give information until the proper amount of charge is restored.

When these type of problems occur on a regular basis it is time for a new phone.

I believe that the human body exists with a similar and curious parallel to the smart phone.

In the modern world we live in we are now experiencing a continuous overload of information.

We can hardly turn on our televisions (or phones) without hearing about Trump this or Trump that and are practically informed about what he is having for dinner.

It is now nigh impossible to have a decent conversation with anybody without someone’s cell phone going off, in fact I have even heard them going off at funerals.

The Human body has never in its history been asked to deal with such a continuous stream or information and just like the smartphone is showing signs of malfunction due to overload. (dull people)

For instance have you ever entered a room and tried to have a conversation with someone who has spent hours watching television – You are lucky to get an acknowledgement!

The only way the body can react is at an energy level and just like the smartphone we become drained and may even result in illness if some sort or remedial action isn’t taken.

The main difference is that it is pretty easy and exciting to update ourselves with the latest smartphone but we are stuck with the same body which is so precious and we should mind it.

The first port of call is awareness of the detrimental effects that modern technology can have and that some sort of action is taken.

We are now already beginning to see ‘Smartphone Free’ zones and it is great to see that schools and the educational bodies are at the cutting edge of this type of awareness and have led to a ban on such items during school hours.

P.S. I see a certain ‘humour irony’ to the term ‘Cell Phone’ as society is quickly becoming a prisoner to them.  I’d laugh if it wasn’t so serious.

• Next week I am going to write about — ‘The Farmer back in Ballyferriter’


  1. You wonder where it will all end. Great insight

    • Yes Emmet – But if we can’t change it at least we can change how we react. Thank you for your comment – Roger