Roger Harty: There’s No Point In Worrying

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I was walking down Denny St Tralee recently and I met a friend of mine and stopped for a chat.

She was worried about her daughter who had just emigrated to Perth, Australia and she was very concerned about how she was getting on and also whether her two granddaughters were settling down in the local primary school.

When I went home I reflected on a simple question. ‘what is the benefit of worry’ and the only conclusion I can come to is none.

While I totally understand that it is totally natural and normal to worry, the actual reality is that there is no real benefit to worry. In fact I am much more aware of the harm it can do. So why worry?

When you look at it through the ‘eyes’ of energy, I feel it makes a lot more sense and will also make us aware of what we are doing to ourselves. In fact if you Google ‘Origin of the word worry’ you will find that it came from the old English high German word ‘wurghen’ which, amazingly enough, means to strangle.

So if we are continuously worrying we are strangling the energy out of ourselves, which can in turn result in unnecessary illness.

If you extend the word worry to worrying that is where the English word wring as in “wring out a towel to dry” comes from. So if you don’t wish to wring the energy out of yourself, stop worrying!

There is another little known aspect to worrying which when pointed out to people may encourage them to stop worrying. The following sentence is worth having a look at: ‘They say that worrying about something is the same as praying for it.’

This again makes sense when we look at it through the ‘eyes’ of energy. When we are worrying we are at some level sending negative energy out into the cosmos which can in turn result in the thing that we are worrying about to manifest itself. This to me is another very good reason not to worry.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    I would be worried about anyone emigrating to Australia at the moment due to real economic warning signs of a major economic crash, same goes for Canada and New Zealand too.

    The above nations missed the 2008 economic crash or just delayed it? Time will tell.

    The Australian Housing Market Crash to be the worst in The World — Economic Collapse 2019:

    Australian Economic Slowdown – A Pile of Debt and Frugal Consumers:

    The Irish Are Convinced That The Australian Economy Will Systematically Collapse!:

    The Bank Deposit Bail-In Conundrum:

    I would say to the above lady to enlighten her daughter and to make all the necessary arrangements to be prepared and ready to return to Ireland if necessary.

    Hopefully the ladies daughter or partner (if she has one) is not employed in an industry prone to layoffs due to a crash.
    The most important piece of advice would be to save her cash (But, not in an Australian bank account) and not to buy property until the property market has crashed.

    I say, hope for the best. But, plan for the worst.