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WHAT is very helpful here is to look at the etymology of the word ‘Courage’. It comes from the French word ‘le coeur’ meaning Heart.

So when we talk and act from ‘The Heart’ we are showing true courage.

Where is the evidence of this? All we need to do is examine our language. We just need to accept that this language is the language of true wisdom that has evolved from our ancestors down true the ages. In other words it has lasted the test of time.

If someone is fighting with great courage we say “he gave it his heart and soul” or “he fought from the heart”.

If someone is speaking with great honesty and expressing true emotion – then we say “he spoke from the heart”.

A great question here is – ‘why is the heart mentioned at times of deep desire for honest expression and action?’

The only answer can be is that when absolute courage is required then the place to go to is the heart.

Pardon the pun, but to ultimately get to the heart of the matter we have to go to the heart!

Intrinsically entwined with our search for courage comes our search for truth. They go hand in hand – you cannot reach truth without courage and you cannot attain true courage without truth.

We associate the message of Jesus with the Truth. His message is

“ I Am (is) the Way the Truth and the Life” – Come follow this message, and all will be revealed.

Now an artist has to deliver this message in his own unique way and one of the most iconic images of Jesus is the image of The Divine Mercy.

If you ‘Google’ the image of The Divine Mercy – where will you see the true light of Jesus emanating from – yes you’ve guessed it – The Heart.

It takes great courage to speak the truth, especially in times of adversity. That is why I have great faith in the message of Galileo – At a time when the whole of humanity believed that the world was flat, he had the courage of his convictions to speak the Truth that the world was and is round.

He put his life in mortal danger in order to defend The Truth – what greater love and courage can any man show than to put his own life in danger.

At a level, he did exactly what Jesus did and asks us to do. To speak and defend the truth with and from our own heart even if it puts out own life at risk.

Is not that true courage?

Is not that the message that Jesus gave us from the cross when He offered up his life for our Salvation? Truth and Courage radiating from The Heart.

Next week I am going to write about… Wearing The Cloak

• Roger Harty is a life coach and can be contacted on 087-6128336, on twitter at @Innerjoyz1 or by email

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