Roger Harty: What Is Grace?

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THE thing about Grace is that by its very nature it is intertwined with belief in God.

Now the subject of God has intrigued and baffled mankind for millennia and I certainly am not trying to impose my views on anyone.

But for the purpose of this article, as I have to start somewhere when I refer to God I mean – A Higher Power that guides us and loves us.

Note :  I do not understand this Higher Power I just accept its existence and its loving guidance. Therefore as I admit I don’t understand it that is why I’m unable to explain It.

If you can somehow feel comfortable with my reference to God then hopefully this article will mean something to you.

When we are in times of difficulty and suffering and we pray with our hearts in deep sincerity for some sort of Divine intervention and hand it over a certain inner peace comes over us.

This inner peace is always available but like anything else it may take practice to recognise it. This inner peace is Grace at work.

Notice I said that this is ‘Grace at work’ but that still doesn’t answer the question;

What is Grace?

For intricate answers, Jesus often spoke in parables, by the way so did Buddha, Muhammad and The Dalai Lama etc., so in order to explain Grace I’m going to do likewise now.

If you received a cut on your hand doesn’t a fine membrane form over the cut initially before the healing can commence?

The healing cannot happen without this membrane which is very sticky in nature but when it goes to work it somehow binds the wound together to initiate the healing.

Should we break the membrane whether by accident or on purpose it is always available to form again and to start the process of healing again.

Of course this healing membrane is assisted when we create an environment of hygiene and non-interference.

Similarly in times of great difficulty and suffering, just like the healing membrane mentioned above, Grace can enter our hearts and help us in our quest to overcome all of life’s obstacles.

It is readily available to us but just like the healing flesh membrane we must create an environment for it to flourish.

Jesus gives us an insight into the best way to create this environment when He said “Be still and know that I Am God. Not only does He tell us that this Grace is readily available to us but He also tells us how to grow it within.

Grace like many other things in life is something that has to be experienced to be understood just like the laughter of children at play, the sweet smell of newly cut grass or the warmth of sunshine on your face.

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