RSA Issues Advice To Road Users Ahead Of High Temperatures

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THE Road Safety Authority (RSA), is asking road users to exercise caution while using the roads from Sunday to Tuesday in the wake of Met Eireann issuing a weather advisory for High Temperatures.

Kerry and indeed the rest of Ireland will experience a hot spell over the weekend and into early next week.

Day time temperatures will widely reach the high twenties, possibly exceeding 30 degrees in some locations in Kerry.

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In high temperatures the RSA is advising road users, particularly drivers, to be aware of the dangers posed by ‘sun glare’.

Sun glare can result in drivers being temporarily dazzled or blinded by the intensity and brightness of the sun.

As clear sunny conditions and high temperatures are forecast over the next number of days, the RSA is advising drivers to:

• Reduce the risk from sun glare and of being dazzled by wearing sun glasses. Be aware of the dangers of sun glare when travelling east in the mornings and west later in the day.

• Be prepared and ensure you have adequate supplies of water, any delays to journeys could result in road users being stuck in traffic for a period time in hot conditions. Children and pets are particularly at risk during these hot spells of weather.

• Ensure your windscreen is clear of grease or grime inside and out. Make sure you have plenty of window washer fluid to clear flies/insects and excess dust from the road when driving.

• Watch out for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists. Slow down and allow extra space when passing.

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are advised to:

• Beware of the dangers that sun glare can cause, especially when crossing the road and at junctions.

• Follow current health messaging around the use of sun block when out walking and cycling.

The impact of high temperatures on roads.

• Road surface temperatures will rise significantly in the hot weather and surface dressed roads (“tar and chips”) will be prone to softening of the bitumen. This will lead to bitumen slicks occurring on more minor roads.  Road users are advised to slow down and exercise caution when braking in such situations.

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