School’s Environmentally-Aware Initiative To See Reusable Bottles Issued To Students

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In front, Larry Adebayo and Vilte Dubickaite, with, at back, Megan McCarthy and Padraig Woods and the tower of water bottles to be distributed to every student at Mercy Mounthawk. Photo by Dermot Crean

A TOWER of water bottles was set up by students at Mercy Mounthawk on Friday afternoon to promote a new environmentally-friendly initiative by the school which starts from next week.

“Every student in the school will get a reusable water bottle, so that’s around 1,200 bottles to be distributed,” said Deputy Principal, Shane Kissane.

“The idea came from a Social Innovators Group from Transition Year last year. It’s estimated that students would use around 20,000 disposable bottles of water per year so we’re trying to take that out of landfill so to speak,” said Mr Kissane.

All the new bottles have the school crest on them and students are encouraged to refill them whenever needed at the many taps around the school grounds.

“We’ve had new taps installed recently and we’ve also had the water tested. It’s perfectly pure and safe to drink,” said Mr Kissane.

Mercy Mounthawk students with the tower of water bottles to be distributed to every student at the school next week. Photo by Dermot Crean

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