Sean Taaffe: Going Blonde? You’ll Need This Advice…

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Sean Taaffe AppOur hair expert columnist, Sean Taaffe of the Sean Taaffe Hair Group, answers some common questions on hair care…

Question: I’ve really dark hair and want to go blonde . I’ve been advised that it’s a big procedure. Any advice before I do it?

Sean Says: Yes, plenty! First have a consultation to ensure its possible, both from a chemical, condition and suitability point of view.

One thing I would advise is to try on a blonde wig, just for fun, but it will give you an idea of what blonde will suit your skin tone. If the wig is long and your hair is short (you don’t say) it will feel strange but just tie the wig in a ponytail to get a better idea .

If all is good and you do go for it, remember that the key to amazing looking blonde hair is condition.

All too often, people’s hair is so over processed it’s more like cotton wool than hair and healthy shiny  hair is always gonna win out looks-wise, regardless of colour .

I’ve a very simple philosophy. If you’re spending money on colouring your hair, it needs to look better than it would if you left it alone. Makes sense of course but often not followed.

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