Sean Taaffe: Are Hair Straighteners Damaging To Your Hair?

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Sean Taaffe AppOur hair expert columnist, Sean Taaffe of the Sean Taaffe Hair Group answers some common questions on hair care…

Question: I’m thinking of buying my 14 year old daughter a hair straightener for Christmas. I know they damage hair so what advice can you give?

Sean Says: You’re right that any heat appliance if overused can damage the hair.

However the likelihood of keeping your daughter away from one realistically is fairly slim!

My suggestion is to have a discussion about it first agree some ground rules, for example to only use it at the weekends perhaps or a twice weekly limit.

Secondly and vitally important is to use a heat protector, these come in the forms of sprays or creams that are applied to the hair before the appliance is used.

Anyone using a heat appliance of any kind should use a protector as it acts in the same way to protect the hair as a sheet would if you were ironing a delicate item of clothing.

Finally invest in a good brand that also has a safety cut off. Every year lots of accidents happen if appliances are not turned off, the more reputable brands have a 15 minutes cut off, meaning if the plates are not closed – i.e. used – the unit turns itself off.

Thus provides peace of mind, also I’d suggest a heat resistant is a great idea as a stocking filler and prevents the uncut from damaging any furniture, it also allows the unit to cool down safely.

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