Sean Taaffe: Thinking Of A Change In Hairstyle?

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Sean Taaffe AppOur hair expert columnist, Sean Taaffe of the Sean Taaffe Hair Group answers some common questions on hair care…

Question: I’ve had the same hairstyle for as long as I can remember and am thinking of a change. Help?

Sean Says: Any change of style needs an investment of time.

Firstly, on your behalf to look at the type of hairstyles that you’re drawn to. Do this over a few weeks or a month as, if you do it all in one day, you could find in a week’s time what you picked you don’t like anymore.

For anything you like, either cut it out of a magazine or save on your phone etc. Once you have a good selection and don’t worry if there’s a lot of varying and contrasting pictures the next step is to find a good hairdresser, the best way is to ask people whose hair you like where do they get their hair done.

Most people, even strangers, are very happy if someone comes up to them and admires their hair and asks them where they got it done. Once you have this information, book your appointment bearing in mind that you may have to wait for an appointment as better hairdressers tend to be busy and booked for a while.

Explain to the receptionist when booking that you are going for a restyle and need time to discuss it with the stylist. All salons will offer a consultation however you may need extra time to discuss.

On the day of your appointment, go along with an open mind show all the pictures that you have and be prepared to listen also as the stylist will also have opinions based on your hair type, lifestyle, maintenance requirements, face shape etc.

Once you’ve decided mutually what you’re gonna do, ask the stylist for styling tips. They will be happy to advise you how best to blow dry your new look and what products will suit best.

Finally good luck!

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