Shannonwatch To Hold Public Meeting This Saturday

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A PUBLIC meeting, organised by ShannonWatch, will be held in the Meadowlands Hotel, Tralee, at 2pm this Saturday, March 4.

ShannonWatch strongly believe that US military planes should not be allowed to pass through Shannon Airport.

The meeting will be chaired by Edward Horgan and features John Lannon and Hashim Alhadeedy. These experts have been selected for their knowledge of peace, neutrality and war in the year 2017.

Edward Horgan is an internationally distinguished peace activist and war veteran. John Lannon is an accomplished public speaker and dedicated contributor to the cause of Irish neutrality at Shannon Airport. Hashim Alhadeedy is a Tralee man and native of Mosul in Iraq.

The meeting on Saturday will give people an opportunity to discuss this matter further.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    No support to our American allies and Yes to importing Islam in to Ireland!
    One day we may have to beg for American “boots on the ground” in Ireland for such short sightedness?
    I welcome and support the Americans – our friends, allies and family.