Shape Up With Siobhan: My Favourite Fitness Apps

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siobhan_sentry_headshot_clipOur fitness expert, Siobhan Sentry of Advanced Fitness Education, says downloading the right app can be like having a personal trainer in your pocket…

As some of you know I did some work for a fairly big computer company for a while, one of the projects I worked on was making healthy habits easier through technology.
What I like most about using technology for exercise is how cost effective it is! You can literally have your own personal trainer and nutritionist in your pocket….. for free. However commitment and dedication sold separately!
I’m going to list the apps that I find  great. My top two favourites are:
Nike Training Club
This app is brilliant. You choose your work out, in line with your goals, then a little woman comes up on the screen and trains with you.
She counts your reps and shows you how to do each exercise, exactly how a trainer would. You can even add your own playlist to the workouts so you are training to music that motivates you. The app does use equipment in it’s work out but it’s minimal and very low cost equipment.
All workouts are very current and get updated with new ones regularly. The only downside of this app is that you download the workouts so it takes up a lot of memory space on a phone, it’s a better app for a tablet or iPad.
See pictures below of my favourite workout on this app at the moment….
1. Choose your goal:
2. Choose your level:
3. Choose your workout:
4. Set your music & download your workout:
The second app I love for the nutrition side of training, is a calorie tracking app called:
My Fitness Pal
It’s a great app for not only tracking your calories, making sure there is more going out then coming in, you can also make sure you are getting enough of all the nutrients you need.
So it can also be used as way to make sure your diet is balanced as well as a calorie tracker for weight loss. I also find that if you have to write down everything you’re eating you will be more inclined to make better choices. It’s a great app that goes hand in hand with any fitness app.
• Next week I will review another two health and fitness apps, including a good one for heavy strength training and gaining muscle mass.
• Siobhan Sentry is Course Director with Advanced Fitness Education at Tralee Sports And Leisure Centre. She has eight years diverse industry experience. She has worked worldwide as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor and a top level wellness specialist designing and implementing health and wellness initiatives for multinational corporate companies. For more visit their website by clicking here


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