Shape Up With Siobhan: Apps For Strength Training

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siobhan_sentry_headshot_1Our fitness expert, Siobhan Sentry, of Advanced Fitness Education, recommenders more fitness apps aimed slightly more at strength training….

1. Full Fitness

This app is just so handy to have on the phone.

It has a huge bank of exercises and instructions with videos on how to do each one correctly. So even if you’re following your own programme but not sure on correct technique for some of the exercises, it’s a handy resource to have.

As well as this, it also has suggested workouts for various different goals, from weight loss, muscular endurance, hypertrophy to sports specific goals.

If you don’t like the suggested work outs, there is also the option of creating a custom work out, so it’s very handy for making your programmes paperless.

The tracking feature allows you to monitor and track progress through your work outs so you can reward yourself as you smash your training goals.

This app also has a calorie tracker similar to my fitness pal, which is great, because it’s all in the one app it takes up less storage on your phone. I haven’t used this feature much so I can’t say how accurate or large the food database is, but very handy to have all in one place.

2. Bulk Up

For those who want to bulk up a great protein tracker app is adequately named “bulk up!” Track your food on this app and see exactly what percentage of calories are coming from each macronutrient on a nice colourful pie chart.

A great one to monitor your protein intake goals and actual protein intake.

I find all these little devices make training a little easier, even seeing the icon on your phone prompts you that you need to get up and do that work out you’ve been putting off. It also keeps your personal goals close to you so you can remind yourself what your training hard for and also how far you’ve come throughout your training.

Happy training!

• Siobhan Sentry is Course Director with Advanced Fitness Education at Tralee Sports And Leisure Centre. She has eight years diverse industry experience. She has worked worldwide as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor and a top level wellness specialist designing and implementing health and wellness initiatives for multinational corporate companies. For more visit their website by clicking here

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