Former Gaelcholáiste Chiarraí Student Directs New RTE Comedy Series

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Shaun O'Connor

Shaun O’Connor

A FORMER Gaelcholáiste Chiarraí student is the director of a new comedy series which is featuring on RTE 2 on Monday nights.

Shaun O’Connor is the director of Sketch! – a (you guessed it) comedy sketch show filmed in Cork city.

The latest episode screened on Monday night featured RTE personality, John Creedon, and it’s proving really popular. caught up with the Castleisland man to learn a bit more about Sketch! and the positive response it has received, especially on social media.

“It’s been great, we try to create as much of a positive social media presence if we can, the reaction in general has been really, really good,” said Shaun.

Last year, Shaun directed the comedy short ‘(R)onanism’ a winner of RTE’s ‘Storyland’ competition. This followed on to producing sketches for RTE’s ‘Comedy Bites’ series and ultimately the series Sketch!

“One of the sketches we shot for ‘Comedy Bites’ was with John Creedon, but it ended up getting such a good reception we decided to put into the show.

John was brilliant,  we approached him with an idea and he was well up for it,” he said. Now somewhat of a collaborator, John Creedon, also features in the short film ‘Pat’ starring ex D’Unbelievable, Jon Kenny, which Shaun is currently in post-production with.

Despite there being a pull in the industry to relocate to Dublin, Shaun, is firmly rooted in Munster which he sees an advantage over heading to capital to further his craft.

“There is certainly more competition in Dublin, but the fact we’ve built the cast and crew from dozens of projects at this stage, we have a crew we can call on and do a fantastic job.”

“There is a small bit of pressure to do the Dublin thing, but as long as we’re able to create the productions to a high standard in Cork we’ll stay. The fact we’re Munster-based works in our favour as well because there is such good support down here for projects, even among the media and on social media people really do put an effort into promoting work that is produced locally and sharing it.” Check out Sketch! on the RTE Player here HERE

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