This Guinness-Themed Mural In Boherbee Is Going Down Well

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(click to enlarge photo) Francis Galvin of The Slieve Mish Bar with the half-finished mural which is grabbing a lot of people’s attention in Boherbee. Photo by Dermot Crean

YOU’LL have to be careful driving up Boherbee these days, because a new mural on the side of a famous pub is stopping both pedestrians and traffic alike.

Francis Galvin of the Slieve Mish Bar wanted to do something to brighten up the side of the building, so a locally-based artist has certainly done a great job with a Guinness-themed work of art.

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“I wanted to put a mural on the pub so I asked an artist, Migel Kryzi, who lives upstairs from the bar, to do something Guinness-related. He came up with all the ideas for it, so full credit to him for that,” said  Francis, who explained that he got permission from Guinness to do the mural.

The mural features the familiar Toucan from the old Guinness ads – balancing a pint on his beak – and a large pint of Guinness. Francis said Migel, who is studying art, started painting on Monday morning but it’s only half-finished.

“We’re waiting for the rain to pass again. Migel says he’s only half finished so it’ll probably be next week before he can get it done. He plans to do a lot more to it,” he said.

It’s getting a lot of attention from customers and passers-by said Francis.

“A typical one is people are coming in saying ‘I see there’s a pint on the house’. Just yesterday, during the middle of the day, there was a group of around 30 tourists stopped outside taking photos, so it’s really grabbing everyone’s attention,” said Francis.

We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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