Slimm Criticises Lack Of Public Consultation On Rath Cemetery Bye-Laws

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Labour candidate Ben Slimm.

A LABOUR Party candidate in the upcoming local elections has criticised the lack of consultation before the implementation of new Rath Cemetery Bye-Laws.

The new section of Rathass Cemetery has been declared a Lawn Style Cemetery by Kerry County Council and is now subject to   bye-laws passed in 2018.

Among the bye-laws are no kerbs are allowed around graves and no chippings are allowed over graves.

Wreaths, flowers etc must be removed no later than two months after an internment and the grave must be levelled and grassed.

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Fresh flowers may be placed at the headstone but the council reserves the right to remove these to facilitate grass cutting.

Memorial flowers only permitted where placed on the headstone continuous concrete base. Statues shall not be permitted secondary to the headstone, this includes statues of animals etc.

A public meeting about the bye-laws will take place at Cumann Iosaef Community Centre on Thursday night at 7.30pm.

Labour’s Ben Slimm said; “While I understand some of these new regulations may be justified or necessary on grounds of space available, I do not understand why a comprehensive consultation was not carried out with the people of Tralee before these measures were introduced.”

“As a resident of Lee Drive, Ballinorig, neighbouring the cemetery and someone who is engaged within our community, I myself had not heard of these proposed new laws until after they were passed and implemented.”

“I have been contacted by a number of concerned residents, who very recently buried family within Rathass Cemetary and were not made aware of the proposed new byelaws before burying their loved ones and in fact were made aware when signage outlining the new laws was erected.”

“This is an upsetting situation for them to be in as they now feel they cannot honour their loved ones in the way expected. I will be attending the meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at Cumann Iosef Tralee from  7.30 to 9.00 pm.”

The Rath Cemetery bye-laws.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Well, is this a break with our tradition and culture or what?
    Yes, I think so.

    The new bye-laws make me think of this:

    I would like to see a cemeteries like the Cambridge American Cemetery in Ireland as they look more modern, controlled and high density. I would welcome a full commitment not a half measure for the future.

    However there are “horses for courses” and maybe the Council should think about opening a new modern cemetery for such modern visions and let the old Irish culture, style and traditions survive in the old cemeteries.

    In fairness, I would prefer to be berried in a Cambridge American Cemetery style graveyard any day.

    However, would some members of the Irish traveller community like it?
    Some but not all of the Irish traveller community put a lot of cost, effort and personalisation into their graves. I feel some of our Irish community / people may prefer a more traditional Irish culture or style of cemetery like Rathass cemetery for themselves and their loved ones and why not?

    So, why not let the people choose by providing both choices?
    A new modern high density style of cemetery could be provided, but in another location and let Rathass Cemetery be?

    Why not live and let live, even in death! 😉