Some Spooky Stories From Local Actors On Halloween Weekend

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Fidelma Fitzgerald.

IF you’re looking for some fun and a few spooky stories for the Halloween weekend, then a local drama production will deliver the thrills on YouTube.

‘The Philomena Dramatics’ will present ’24 Hours Of Horror! Story-Terrors’ on the social media platform next Friday, October 30 and Saturday, October 31.

Written and directed by Fidelma Fitzgerald, the cast of Conagh Mullen Forbes, Namejs Balodis, Raphael Crowley, Joanne Bolton and Celine Natasha Murphy will serve up a feast of great entertainment.

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Normally they run a live show at the Meadowlands Hotel, but this year they had to adjust and think of a new way to deliver the act and they have been rehearsing via zoom.

People can go on YouTube on Friday at about 8pm and type in ‘The Philomena Dramatics’ and they’ll be able to find the show.

Fidelma and the cast have also chosen St Vincent de Paul as a local charity to support and they hope people can give a little as this Christmas is set to be extra tough for some families and individuals.

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  1. Namejs Balodis says:

    Hi there,

    I am just commenting to say that my surname is not Bolodias,

    It’s Balodis.

    Thank you