Spa/Fenit Documentary Telling Marita Ann Story And Much More To Be Screened At Siamsa

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James McCarthy of Digimac Photography with Marita Ann crew members Johnny McCarthy, Mike Browne and Gavin Mortimer at Banna on Saturday. Photo by Dermot Crean

James McCarthy of Digimac Photography with Marita Ann crew members Johnny McCarthy, Mike Browne and Gavin Mortimer pictured at Banna during a 1916 commemoration event recently. Photo by Dermot Crean

A DOCUMENTARY, two years in the making, is set to be screened for one night only at Siamsa Tire, on Easter Saturday, March 26, and it will feature an exclusive interview with the men involved with the Marita Ann and what happened on the ship.

It is the sequel to the documentary, ‘Spa Fenit: A Journey Through Time’, and just like the first one, the sequel is packed with stories such as the fairy forts and the old Tawlaght graveyard, the wells in Fenit & Spa, the Port of Fenit Dockers, Leibheirr, the old Dance Hall at the pier gates, among others, and it features a bonus disc with a rambling house in Churchill forge by local artists young and old.

James McCarthy, director of the documentary, said: “We decided to make a sequel as we felt we had left a lot out of the original documentary through lack of space. We felt that we needed to give something back to the people of the parish that were so kind after our car accident in 2011 and what better way than to document the people and places of the Parish? We are blessed to live in such a beautiful location with so many activities and stories that we felt we had to document this for future generations to come.”

“While making the first documentary my wife, Catherine, said to me why not see if we can get the local men involved in the Marita Ann to tell their story as it’s a local story we never got around to it at the time. So when we decided to do a part two, she said it to me again she pointed out that the 1916 anniversary was approaching and what better time to tell the story than in 2016,” he continued.

The DVD also features an interview with crew members of the Marita Ann, the ship carrying ammunition destined for the IRA, which was intercepted by authorities in 1984. The crew tell the story of what happened on board during that fateful night.

Tickets can be bought from Siamsa Tire and copies of the DVD will be available to purchase on the night.

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