A Spirited Attempt To Break World Record At Mounthawk

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Mercy Mounthawk Students and students from TT Creative Media at the launch of the record attempt.

THERE’S more than a ghost of a chance that an attempt to break a Guinness Book of Records will succeed later this month in Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School.

The school hopes to break the record of having the most number of ‘ghosts’ in one location and raise funds for the Kerry Branch of Arthritis Ireland.

On March 24, participants will be dressed from head to toe in a one-piece white bed sheet with two cut out eye pieces.

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They are now looking for support from Kerry people to donate clean white double-sheets to the school so that they can be used by the students for the attempt.

The sheets will require eyes to be cut out in them so will not be returned. If you think you can help, please drop in your clean white sheets to reception at Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School as soon as possible.

Kerry Branch of Arthritis Ireland, a registered charity with the sole responsibility for people living with arthritis, will be using this event to raise awareness and highlight the ghostly nature of living 24/7 with this chronic and invisible condition.

Unbelievably, one in every five people in Ireland are living with one form or another of arthritis. The event is being organised by the 4th year TV, Radio and New Media IT Tralee Event Management Class.

The infamous Dubliner “Mattress Mick” (Michael Flynn) whose videos and cult comedy advertising went viral, will also attend Mercy Mounthawk on the day to support the event.  Mattress Mick starred in the critically acclaimed and IFTA nominated documentary “Mattress Men”.

This collaboration between the Kerry Branch of Arthritis Ireland, Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School and the ITT Creative Media Students is a wonderful example of organisations working together and thinking “outside the box” to get a message out in an exciting and inclusive manner.

Official authorisation from Guinness World Records to attempt the Guinness World Record has been granted however, the organisers still require additional large clean white sheets for all the students willing to participate in the attempt.

The current record stands at 263 which was set by ‘Ghostbuster’ fans launch of the 1984 remake in Singapore on June 13, 2016. They aim to break the record and ensure they have maximum numbers involved so that the record will be held in the Kingdom!

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