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For me, music is something I’ve always had, whether you have a good day or a bad day, it’s always there. Like a friend. As a teenager you could just close the door and put your heart into it. I love it.” — Deirdre Dooley

Deirdre Dooley at her Music Academy in Davcon House.

THESE are exciting times for Deirdre Dooley.

The Kerry woman has just moved her music academy into a spacious new premises in Davcon House, (next door to St John Of Gods in Monavalley Industrial Estate) and the moment one enters they’re met with decor that strikes the right note — literally, with notes painted on the walls.

Deirdre returned to Ireland from living in Norway in 2008 and went back to her first love, setting up the Deirdre Dooley Music Academy in the middle of the recession. The business was a success and it has gone from strength to strength over the years.

With qualifications from University College Dublin, The Royal Irish Academy of Music, The Victoria College of Music and The London College of Music as well as having served her time playing with London-based music agency Sternberg-Clarke and local, national and international music groups, Deirdre has truly earned her educational and musical stripes.

Deirdre Dooley at the Yamaha C3 Grand Piano.

“Our teachers and examiners boast qualifications ranging from degrees to post-grads, masters and beyond in varying disciplines as well as many years of teaching experience. Perhaps more importantly though, what we have is a real passion for the music we work with. Music is a gift, both for personal consumption and the joy it gives when shared, “ said Deirdre.

With her academy, she and the tutors there teach classes in a wide range of instruments.

“We give tutorials in piano, keyboard, harp, violin, fiddle, piano-accordion, guitar, vocal coaching and cajon and percussion beats as well as group performance training. More advanced students can pursue teaching or performance Diplomas in music. The classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced, for adults and children,” she said.

The hallway in the Deirdre Dooley Music Academy.

“There’s many reasons why people take up music or why parents want their children to do it. It’s very good for dexterity and as a discipline, even if they never go the road of music as a career. It’s helps to get into the habit of doing something every day.

For kids it’s fun. We don’t teach it in a way that makes it like a school environment, but they do have to practice. They can learn at their own pace, because everyone learns differently — some academically, others practically,” said Deirdre.

Deirdre teaches piano and harp while other tutors are available for lessons in other areas.

There is one to one tuition and group grinds available.

The academy is also great for getting students ready to take music as a subject in the Junior and Leaving Cert cycles.

“The Junior and Leaving Cert subject is a good one for music students as it adds a practical element to a very academic environment, which most students enjoy,” said Deirdre.

Deirdre has some wonderful instruments to teach on too, with two Yamaha C3 Grand pianos, a Yamaha electric grand and a handmade Larry Egar harp as well as various upright pianos, guitars and smaller instruments.

Classes run from 2pm to 10pm from Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm. The building is totally wheelchair accessible with onsite parking and all other necessary facilities. The academy is also a base for local-centre exams.

For more information, call 087-622 9347 or 066-7169004. Email musictuition@outlook.ie or check out the Deirdre Dooley Music Academy Facebook page here.


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