SPONSORED: How Tralee VTOS Took Tara From The Classroom To The Staffroom

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Tara Conway tells her story about how Tralee VTOS set her on the way to a new career…

Returning to education can be daunting for any adult, especially when school never suited them.

I left school when I was in 5th year, my school reports always said ‘giddy in class and lacks concentration’. In my mid to late teens I couldn’t engage in school life as my focus was elsewhere, so I believed getting a job was better suited to me.

As I got older and more mature, I realised that education had a lot more to offer than I earlier anticipated.

Not only in terms of job opportunity, but in terms of self-fulfilment. In my early twenties I decided to return to education and complete my Leaving Cert.

I contacted Tralee VTOS through an advert I saw in the local paper and attended a meeting with the course co-ordinator. Thus my journey in education recommenced.

This entailed a two year programme which culminated in my completion of the Leaving Certificate. While in VTOS I was reacquainted with study skills, introduced to a structured programme of study and provided with exceptional support and encouragement throughout my time in VTOS.

It was a moment of great satisfaction when I successfully completed my Leaving Cert at the age of 23, without VTOS guidance this would not have been possible.

After completing the Leaving Certificate, I returned to work and time went by as it does!

In my early thirties I once again decided to go back to education and completed a primary degree (Hons) in the Institute of Technology Tralee.

I am now in the process of completing a Post Grad Diploma in adult education in Mary Immaculate College.

As part of that I am once again back in VTOS, where I am completing my Teaching Practice.  The circle has been completed and it is a pleasure and a privilege to once again return to VTOS and avail of their support and encouragement from the vantage point of the top of the classroom!

It’s a particular pleasure to reacquaint myself with the same teachers as when I first entered VTOS all those years ago.

Much of what I have achieved in my academic and working life is down to the support, guidance and encouragement I received from Tralee VTOS back then and I continue to receive it today.

For all of that and much more I am deeply grateful to all the wonderful teaching staff at Tralee VTOS. For more on Tralee VTOS and what they can offer, please click here

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