St John’s Live Streaming Mass And Prayer Services Daily During COVID-19 Crisis

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ST. John’s Parish clergy and parish team have launched a pastoral plan in response to the COVID-19 crisis by having a daily prayer programme which is available to watch live on the parish website and parish facebook.

They also are introducing an online programme preparing children for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

“As a Faith community we are no longer able to gather as one, but these days of uncertainty and vulnerability has led us to connect with people in new and creative ways,” said a spokesperson from St John’s.

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“Thankfully due to our webpage and our Parish Facebook we are able to be together through the power of prayer and technology. Of course, is does not replace being at the Holy Masses and public gatherings of worship however it strives to connect people to their Church and feel they can participate in the celebration.

Therefore St. John’s Parish Clergy and Parish Team have launched a pastoral plan to the recent events by having a daily prayer program which is available to watch Live on the Parish website and Parish Facebook.”

This includes a Monday to Saturday programme which includes 8.15am Morning Prayer; 8.30am Mass; 12noon Angelus and Reflection and 7pm Holy Rosary. Sunday features 10.30am Mass and 7pm Taize Prayer. For those who cannot tune in live, the playback can be available to watch on Facebook.

“We are also very conscious, as Parish, of all the children preparing for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Alongside Paddy our Pastoral worker, the Parish will be doing regular videos for the boys and girls over these weeks, and the invitation offered is for them to engage and get involved through the various projects and activities that will be offered each week.

The Priests and Parish Team join you in prayer every day for a speedy passing of this virus. We look forward to that day when the beauty of normal parish life resumes, and so until then we hold each other in prayer.”

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