What If They Really Made ‘Stacks 2014: The Movie’?

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SO a documentary about Austin Stacks winning the county championship this year is about to be released in time for Christmas.

It got us thinking; What if there was a real movie made about the Austin Stacks journey to glory in 2014 and which Hollywood A-listers would play the main protagonists…

stathamStarring Jason Statham as ‘Kieran Donaghy’ 

Both not classic leading men (to some), but their all-action style packs a box-office punch.

Jason Statham, has experience in the sports movie genre – he played the character ‘The Monk’ in the behind bars football flick, Mean Machine.

It might take a while, for Statham to master the accent though. And a boost in the boot department will be needed for him to put in a ‘Star’ performance.

Robert AidenRobert de Niro As ‘Chairman Aidan O’Connor’ 

“You talking to me?” isn’t a million miles off “You the man!” so this might be a neat fit.

De Niro is well known as a method actor, so it wouldn’t be surprising to catch him in The Greyhound a couple of months before shooting, pulling pints and greeting every customer with a solid handshake to make them feel welcome.

A trait the Stacks’ genial gentleman of a  Chairman is famous for.

StackLiam Neeson As ‘Stephen Stack’  

We suspect the Listowel man will be pleased with this selection.

You can just imagine Neeson, reprising his lines from the film ‘Taken’, when he finds out a couple of the Stacks players have been having a few sneaky pints in the run-up to games.

“What I have is a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over the years training footballers. If you put down the pint now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will drop you.”

Fass Will 1Micheal Fassbender as ‘William Kirby’

No trouble with the accent, of course, and Fassbender’s patience and diligence in his roles is comparable to William’s 20 years waiting for a county championship medal!

Kevin PhantomThe Phantom Menace As ‘Rockie überfan, Kevin O’Carroll’

Ok, we’ve gone too far now.

• Right, over to you. Did we get it right? Who would you cast in the role of some of the players or famous club members? 


  1. Shane Crowley says:

    This is a joke where am I on the list? Denzel Washington would be ideal for me. Up the rock

  2. Paul Galvin (stacks player not the other one) says:

    Haha go on Crowley boy! It’s a joke alright. I reckon I’d be Eddie Murphy