Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Nearly Killed During Filming On Skellig Michael Last Year

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Mark Hamill was rescued from a fall off Skellig Michael last year while filming for the latest Star Wars film.

STAR Wars actor Mark Hamill had to be rescued from a near-fatal fall on the set of Skellig Michael when he was filming on the island last year for the latest film in the Star Wars saga it has emerged.

Hamill, famous for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker, reportedly slipped while climbing steps on the island and had to be caught and rescued by a member of the Office of Public Works.

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In an article on RTE, it is reported that the 63 year old actor would have ¬†been a ‘goner’ according to eye witness accounts, had he not been caught by the guide.

The island is back in the headlines again this week with filming for the next film (Star Wars Episode VIII) reportedly taking place all this week.

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