Stephen Stack Rallies The Troops Ahead Of Big Match

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Stephen Stack 1

Stephen Stack.

AUSTIN Stacks senior team boss, Stephen Stack, has issued a rallying cry for all Rockie supporters ahead of the All-Ireland Club semi-final next Sunday.

In an open letter published on the Austin Stacks website last night, the Rockies manager asks the black and amber fans to make a special effort to support the team by heading to Portlaoise on Sunday, February 15.

“I am asking that every Rock supporter try to make every effort to come to the game as your support is so so crucial to us,” he wrote.

“I am aware in these challenging economic times that it is not always easy to travel with families with the cost involved but I know the club have previously and continue to be very supportive in this regard,” he continues.

“We feel our unique Rock supporters can give us a huge advantage and I am making a special ask on behalf of the squad that you might make every effort possible to attend the game and support the team.”

He also described how the players reacted after seeing Rory Kirby’s footage of the fans in the ‘Rockumentary’ DVD.

“I can tell you the highlight of the excellent Rocumentary by Rory was seeing all the supporters and the parades and the reaction at the matches and especially in Cork for the Munster Final. To a man this is what what the players have been talking about since they viewed it. We really do feel we have a 16th man on the field when we play now and  with the strength of your support I could not articulate properly how important it is to us in every game we play,” he said.

To see the full message from Stephen, click here

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