Data Shows Average Residential Rents In Tralee Have Remained Static Over Past Two Years

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A NEW survey has revealed the average rent prices for residential properties in Tralee have remained relatively static over the past two years.

But tenants in Killarney pay, on average, €80 more than in those the county capital.

According to data coming from the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) Quarterly Rent Index, which is compiled by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), it showed the average monthly rental price for residential properties registered with PRTB, has risen just €8 in Tralee from the first quarter 0f 2012 (€534) to the fourth quarter of 2014 (€542) with only minor fluctuations in between. (see graphics below)

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This compares very favourably to Killarney tenants where the average monthly rent in Q4 2014 was €622, up €24 on the Q1 2012 figure of €598.

If you go north to Listowel, it gets a lot cheaper to rent with the average monthly rent at €437 (Q4 2014) while out west in Dingle the average is €447.

Overall the average monthly price in Kerry was around €538 in Q4 2014.

The average monthly rent in a three bedroom detached house in Tralee in 2014, was around €562 while in Killarney it was €601.

For full figures for the period 2012-2014 in Kerry, Tralee, Killarney, Dingle and Listowel see the graphics below. If you want to check out residential rental prices for the big towns in Kerry since 2007 just click here.

Kerry Rents 2012-14

Kerry residential rental figures.


Tralee Rents 2012-14

Tralee residential rent survey.

Killarney Rents 2012-14

Killarney residential rents survey.

Dingle Rents 2012-14

Dingle Residential Rents survey.

Listowel Rents 2012-14

Listowel Residential rents survey.













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